Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fill #2 - again!

On Tuesday I had my second fill - again.

After a rest period of 2 months with no fill, I had gotten a 1 cc fill on August 19. I could tell the difference in my restriction (maybe because I know what to look for now better than I knew the first time around), but it wasn't much. I lost 1 lb in 4 weeks after that, seemingly in one-ounce increments, so I was delighted to get a .6 cc fill this week.

Yesterday I took some leftover cooked turnip greens and a salmon patty to work for my lunch break, which didn't come until 1:30 pm. A few bites of salmon patty went down fine, but one bite of turnip greens did not. I know it's sick to be glad when food gets stuck, but I was so glad to hear from my band again after 3 months of silence! Fortunately, I did not PB or slime yesterday (I was alone in the break room, but with my luck, the store manager would have walked in at the very moment the PB happened). After a few minutes, I felt the food "glug" through my stoma.


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