Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Always a bandster at heart

My journey on the bandwagon has taken an unexpected detour. Earlier this year, I learned that the reflux I'd been having was related to esophageal dilation and motility problems. A complete unfill cured the dilation, but because my surgeon will not re-fill my band and strongly recommends removing it, I'm having surgery to remove my band and revise to vertical sleeve gastrectomy on April 27, 2012. I am very sad to say goodbye to my band, but trying to make the best of the circumstances. I absolutely refuse to go back to the land of obesity, and I know myself well enough to realize that I still need a surgical tool to help me with weight management.

I have a lot to learn about the sleeve and you'll probably see me comparing life with the sleeve to life with the band. I'll always be a bandster at heart, and the Bandwagon publications and Facebook support group will go on as before. So stay tuned!