Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Body Measurements Before & After

Last week when I was organizing some books to donate to the library, I found a list of my body measurements from 1993 (14 yrs before WLS) into a sewing book. I was not at my highest weight in 1993, but I was getting there. I'm not at my lowest weight now, but comparing the before and after measurements reminded me of how far I've come.
1993 2009
Neck 16 13.5
Bust 46 41
Waist 37 34
Hips 46 42.5
Ankle 9 6

You know what impresses me the most? The ankle measurement. When I lost weight after WLS, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have nice looking ankles now instead of the tree stumps I had before.

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Gen said...

Hmmm...those "before" measurements sound pretty familiar...;)

Thanks for all the excellent advice and info on your blog!