Thursday, April 8, 2010

Survived my port repair

I survived my port repair surgery. My belly is not a pretty sight at the moment...not just because of the incision but because it's grotesquely distended, especially on the right side (port side). I only feel pain at the incision site when I exert myself physically (rolling over in bed, for example), but the pain from the intestinal gas is continuous. I have 2 GasX strips left and a whole bottle of Percocet. I'll have see if I can persuade my husband to do a rescue run to Walgreens tomorrow for more GasX.

The dogs have been pretty good about not jumping on me, but this afternoon Jinx greeted me happily and put his front paws right on top of my incision. That was not a good moment.

I'm so glad it's done! I go back to see my surgeon again in a month. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that I can get a fill then.

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