Sunday, April 14, 2013

It does get better

My friend VA, who had band with plication surgery in June 2012 and has lost 113 lbs so far, gave me permission to share her Before and Now pix, and a great blog entry she wrote a few days ago.

It is hard to really make someone who hasn’t been there yet believe that is does get better.

Most people get to the first few days, think it is too hard and therefore they are doing it wrong and just give up. Well, it IS hard. Sorry, I know that is not the answer you want, but it is the truth.

You just have to remind yourself that the habits you are trying to break are ones that you have had for years – do you really expect to break them overnight and for it to be a piece of pecan pie?

I can tell you though that it is so, so worth it. Once you get past those first few weeks and you are feeling amazing and loving the changes your body is going through, you will look back and thank yourself for pushing forward.

You just need to start. Set small and realistic goals and make one change at a time.

The main reason you should be doing this is for yourself and for your health. There are going to be negative people no matter what you do.  Well sadly you can’t stop them having that opinion, but who cares what anyone thinks.

Make the right decision for you and I wish you all the luck.

The first line of this entry is very powerful: It is hard to really make someone who hasn't been there yet believe that it does get better.

It's also hard to make others understand that weight loss requires hard work (with or without surgery), but that all that hard work is so worth it. VA's Before and Now pix will give you visual evidence of that. The change in her physical size is amazing, but even more amazing is the avalanche of changes going on inside this wonderful person. You're right, VA, it is so worth it.

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