Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Physical Fitness

I've had my lap-band for over 20 months now, and have been obsessed with weight loss surgery for maybe 2 years. But once you get weight, and how to live with the band, under control....then what?

I've been writing a book about how to succeed with the adjustable gastric band, but even that project isn't going to last forever (I sincerely hope).

I've decided that my new project is going to be physical fitness. This is not something I have ever cared about before in my life - in fact, I assiduously avoided it. My parents didn't care about it, I hated exercise, I wasn't good at sports, so I just didn't do it. However, I have discovered that I enjoy exercise now. It improves my mood enormously. I like feeling stronger. It's a pleasure to be able to pick up something heavy without groaning because finally my arms (and back) are strong enough. I like seeing the muscles emerge from the flab. So I'm going to try to get good at physical fitness. I don't care about being an athlete or a bodybuilder, I just want to know that I'm as strong as I can possibly be.

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