Saturday, July 24, 2010


An adjustment is when your surgeon adds fluid to your band, or takes some out. Most bandsters refer to this as fills and unfills, but the official term is adjustment. I had an adjustment on Tuesday that brought me back up to 2.7 cc in my 4 cc band - a fill level I haven't had since my first bandiversary (Sept. 2008). So far, it's what I would call a "kick ass" fill. Exactly what I wanted, but I'm having to make a lot of mental adjustments to it.

For several months, I'd been eating two basic meals for breakfast:
1. Greek yogurt with cottage cheese, berries, and chopped nuts, or:
2. Oatmeal with chopped fruit & nuts

I really, really enjoy those breakfasts, especially the yogurt concoction. Inspired by my bandster buddy, Nina, I was going to try a breakfast parfait of yogurt, berries, and granola. But not right now, I'm sad to say. This morning I faced up to the fact that I can't even eat yogurt (never mind the goodies mixed into it) for breakfast now. It's back to protein shakes.

My favorite protein shake is actually very tasty. In the blender, I whiz:
12 oz LF milk (I'm using Lactaid now because I think I've got mild lactose intolerance)
1 scoop Click espresso protein powder (supposedly mocha flavor, but all I taste is coffee)
1/2 scoop Unjury vanilla protein powder
2-3 ice cubes

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