Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the 16th fill

16 fills in three years? That sounds kinda scary, doesn't it? But it doesn't scare me. The port is designed to withstand thousands of sticks when the fill person uses a non-coring Huber needle - and even the necessity for a Huber needle isn't proven. And optimal band restriction requires fine-tuning. It is not a one-stop shopping experience. And thank goodness for that!

My first dozen or so fills and unfills were done in my surgeon's office without any numbing medication, and none of them hurt. My new surgeon always administers a lidocaine (numbing) shot before doing a fill. The lidocaine stings. But since many of the fills (or fill attempts) I've had in the past year required a lot of poking (because my port flipped), I'm glad for the lidocaine.

While sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my turn, I listened to 3 other patients talk about their WLS experience. Were all AGB patients, and all 4 of us were delighted with our surgery.

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