Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Success is making me dizzy

Bandwagon's success is making me dizzy, and I'm already a dizzy blonde.

The book is already back-ordered on Amazon. Its popularity rank is 72,908 – compared to my novel, No Ransom, at 2,702,854! The fulfillment house that processes my shopping cart orders is sold out and has 23 copies on backorder. I’m down to my last book here at 9 Dogs Howling Publications. More will be printed this Thursday or Friday, and my customer service rep at the printer/fulfillment house, who was the one who persuaded Amazon to take 20 instead of their usual 2 to start with, thinks that in another week or so, they’ll come back and order 200+. The rep is delighted about Bandwagon’s success. I get the feeling she’s used to talking to academics who publish arcane textbooks and sell 20/year. I know she’s been reading Bandwagon herself because in our recent conversations, she’s using terminology that she only could have picked up from the book and has mentioned that the book is funny as well as helpful.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I still cannot figure out why I can’t upload the book to Amazon’s Search Inside The Book program, and I didn’t get a chance to call Amazon today after I got back from Memphis (where I had my 16th fill). And more bad news: our clothes dryer died on Sunday afternoon. But there is other good news. Mr. Parker figured out why the dryer wouldn’t start (a little actuator arm broke off) and fixed it with Superglue and a popsicle stick (we do live in the South, after all), thereby saving us a $129 service charge. And other bad news. Trudy (the most recent arrival here at 9 Dogs Howling) now has these strange bumps, like brown moss growing in spots all over all 4 legs. I have never seen anything like it before. It could be a reaction to insect bites, but maybe not, and we don’t want it to spread to the other 9 dogs, so she’s off to the vet on Friday. She’s not in pain or scratching at the bumps, and the other day had enough energy to steal the foam pad out of one of the cat crates and shred it all over the back yard. Let me tell you, if that ever happens to you, don’t laugh out loud. Husbands who have to clean up the mess don’t think it’s nearly as funny as their wives do!

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