Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to my fighting weight

This morning I weighed 133.6 pounds....only 1.6 pounds away from my lowest post-op weight. When I got dressed for work, I thought, "Dang, girl, you're looking cute!" So I had my husband take these photos of me. Aside from the turkey neck (I am 57 yrs old, after all), I think I look pretty good for an old broad. This is an outfit I never would have dared to try before now, never mind wear it to work. And speaking of work, here's a funny story that falls into the NSV category.

Many of my coworkers are college kids, each one cuter than the last. I saw one of them in the break room and said, "Kassyndra, I haven't seen you all day. Have you been avoiding me?"

Kassyndra (who is black) occasionally speaks ebonics, usually for dramatic effect. She said, "Miss Jean, you just too fly for me today. I ain't want you around me cuz nobody be noticing me, all they eyes be on you!"

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