Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a Little Thing

I've been looking for a long-sleeved light or medium pink tee shirt to layer under other clothes because I'm so cold all the time. JC Penney's juniors and misses departments have dark pink in various shades, but too dark for me. So the other day I wandered over to the children's department and found the perfect shirt, marked down to $5.19. It's a girl's XL and it fits perfectly!

I felt triumphant about that for 10 minutes or so...then I thought, hey, you're not child's kind of sad that today's children need sizes so large that a medium-sized adult can wear them.

According to a customer I helped earlier this week, I'm "just a little thing." When customers are shopping for gifts and don't know what size the recipient wears, they use my body as a point of reference. This customer was holding a misses size small pajama set and didn't believe me when I told her I wear a medium. Apparently, I'm the size of her granddaughter..."just a little thing."

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