Saturday, July 27, 2013


The other day I got my already short hair cut even shorter - a crew cut. When I told my aunt T. about it, she requested a photo. This morning before I left for work, I had Mr. P. take a few pix of me. The first one was focused on my chest (funny how guys focus on that part of the female anatomy, even after 25 years of marriage), so I made him take 2 more shots. The 2nd is me in a classic BBTB pose (born-to-be-bossy). The 1st one makes me look scrawny, which is hard for me to wrap my mind around. A few weeks ago I had gone down to 12 lbs below my goal weight, but now I'm back to 10 lbs below that. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see the thinness any better than I used to see my fatness. It's a bizarre situation for a former fatty to find herself in.

What do you think?

The other thing I keep focusing on is my turkey neck. Fortunately the bossy pose minimizes that!

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