Sunday, October 17, 2010

2 NSV's in one day

Yesterday I worked at JCP from 3:30-9:00 pm. I love that job, but it seemed like every mean or stupid person in the county was in the store last night. Also, I have a stiff neck, with frequent painful spasms, so my patience was pretty thin. One customer argued with me over the price of a clearance item. The pink clearance price ticket said: 70% off = $14.20. She insisted that the price of the item was 70% of $14.20, not 70% off the original price. Apparently she had grown to adulthood without learning what an equal sign means. Gritting my teeth probably didn't help my stiff neck.
But anyway, on the positive side, I had 2 NSV's at work yesterday.
1. For the past week or so, my bra fitter apron has been sliding around on my torso, kind of annoying. I finally realized why. The waist ties are too long. I don't tie them - I put velcro on the ends when I first got the apron last fall. So I brought the apron home so I can cut the ties and put new Velcro on them. I hate that kind of chore, but I'm happy to do it because it reminds me that I'm a smaller person now than I was a year ago!
2. During a slow period last night, I wandered over to the shoe department to chat with the 2 college kids working there and the college girl working in jewelry. That kind of chatting is frowned upon - if a JCP Secret Shopper caught us doing that, we'd be in big time trouble - but it's hard to suppress the social instinct. We've all learned little tricks to make us look busy when we're socializing. While we talked, I straightened garments on a juniors clearance rack. I do that so mindlessly that sometimes I don't even see the garment - it's just background noise, so to speak. But last night I happened to notice that some nice skinny leg jeans had been put on clearance, so I pulled one out to look at it and check the price. When I did that, one of the college girls said, "You're at the wrong end of the rack, Miss Jean. You need to move down a few feet into the small sizes." I laughed. I had automatically pulled out a size 19 to evaluate it for fit and appearance!

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