Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things are looking better today

Today, my printer reduced Bandwagon's cost so that I'm no longer losing money on Amazon orders, and also has indefinitely postponed the due date for the invoice for the last print run, so my cash flow problem is more bearable at the moment. And my rep told me that Amazon is running out of books already - the next shipment will arrive at their distribution center on Friday - so it's likely they'll be placing another reorder soon.

My rep said, "Guess what Bandwagon's Amazon ranking is today?"

Since it was 83,740 yesterday, I said, "40,000."

She said, "Guess again."

I said, "4,000."

She laughed. "No, not yet. Today it's 8,221!"

I am simply amazed by all of this. My rep said, "We're going to work with you on this so you don't lose money, because this is a book with legs."

Or wheels, as the case may be!

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