Saturday, July 25, 2009

Does a fill hurt?

I've had 15 adjustments in 2 years, and none of them hurt. A few times I went away with a bruise, but so what?

If a fill hurts you, ask for a numbing shot (or spray) the next time. In my experience, the numbing shot hurts worse than the adjustment needle, but again, so what?

And doesn't the pain of a fill compensate for the pain of all your medical problems?

Would you enjoy giving yourself insulin shots 4+ times a day?

What could be worse? How about chemotherapy? How about a broken leg? Or a brain tumor that makes your body disobey the most basic commands?

A band adjustment takes maybe 10 minutes. Your life takes you maybe 87,000 minutes? That works out to .000149 minutes per adjustment. A small price to pay.



Anonymous said...

jean, darling, I love you and your info! I finally learned if a fill hurts thanks to you. By the way, when I was typing darling, it came up daring...which is not a bad attribute. One million thank yous to you Darling, daring jean.

Jean said...

So glad I could help! We just have to keep things in perspective.