Wednesday, July 15, 2009

McDonald's Sausage Biscuit

I had to fast for (routine) blood tests this morning. I knew I would be starving so I made a protein shake (experimental recipe with oatmeal in it - an idea I got from looking at recipes at and stuck it in my tote bag. The instant I walked out of the lab, I grabbed that protein shake and - blech! Even though I had put everything in the blender, the oatmeal was still grainy and the texture of the shake was just disgusting. So this, and my unfilled band, was the perfect excuse to go to McDonald's for breakfast instead of dutifully driving home and fixing myself something healthy. I got a Sausage Biscuit with Cheese, my first in about 2 years. The first bite was divine, the second bite was very good, the third bite was good, the fourth bite was fair...but I kept on eating, because I was DETERMINED to ENJOY myself. Well, the fifth bite was...blech! Suddenly the doughy biscuit and greasy sausage were totally unappealing, and I threw the rest of it away. I used to be able to eat two of those, plus one or two hash brown potato thingies.

It's so interesting to be unfilled now after all that time - although I can basically eat anything in any quantity, my band eating skills are sticking with me, especially the part about paying attention to the experience of eating. If I hadn't been paying attention while eating that McDonald's breakfast, I probably would have plowed throught the whole thing without noticing how sickening it was until it was too late.

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