Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's good about an unfilled band?

Because of the many problems I've been having (probably triggered by pollen allergies and mucus drainage), the NP at my new surgeon's office completely unfilled my band yesterday and ordered an upper GI x-ray to make sure my band hasn't slipped. I have to wait SIX LONG WEEKS before they will start to gradually re-fill me.

Not good news. The unfill instantly relieved my symptoms (reflux, heartburn, coughing, vomiting), but by 10 am today I felt like a raving maniac. Hunger! And I can eating anything! How I will even maintain my weight now, never mind lose weight? It's hard to find something good in this situation, but I did manage to do that.

What's good about an unfilled band? It makes you appreciate everything your band was doing for you before that you took for granted!

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