Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fill philosophies

Bandsters are often puzzled by the difference in bariatric surgeon's fill philosophies. Some surgeons are very conservative, giving fills in small amounts over a longish period of time. Others are more aggressive, giving larger fills over a shorter period of time. The best way to understand your own surgeon's philosophy is to ask him/her about it, but you may get a vague answer like, "We do it this way because we find it has the best outcome."

I've had 2 bariatric surgeons and they both took a fairly conservative approach....but not so conservative that you have to wonder if they administer saline one drop at a time in order to increase their income.

When you're excited about losing weight, you might want to get your show on the road going 200 mph with a first fill of 8 cc in a 10 cc band, but your surgeon is probably not going to go along with that. An aggressive fill like that would be a problem on at least 2 levels:
1. Overly aggressive fills are associated with complications like band erosion
2. The patient needs time to adjust to the effect of the filled band on their eating
ability. One day you can eat anything, the next day you get a big fill, and the
day after that you take a nice big bite of steak, chew it 3 times, swallow, and
BAM! Your bandwagon has just crashed into a brick wall.

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