Saturday, November 13, 2010


As I explained in Bandwagon, self-sabotage is the deliberate destruction of property or the hindrance of operations by an enemy. As you start your weight loss surgery journey, you might believe that your mother and her famous biscuits and gravy, or your husband and his Pizza Palace Frequent Customer card, or your children with their 9:00 p.m. demands of "Mom, I need some cookies for our class Christmas party tomorrow", will be your worst saboteurs.

But beware! There is another saboteur who is with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Who is it? Go look in the mirror. The saboteur is you. That earnest, innocent face hides a food demon who is determined to prove what you believed for so long...that you are destined to fail at weight loss...that you don't deserve to be slim and healthy....that without your protective layer of fat, you'll be too easily hurt or too easily noticed...that once you're up on the Pedestal of Success, you'll lose your balance and tumble back down into obesity anyway while all your friends and enemies point and laugh at you.

Some signs of self-sabotaging thinking are: jealousy (comparing yourself to others), extreme anxiety, negativity, procrastination, giving up easily, ignoring feedback, feelings of worthlessness, living in the past, blaming others, and the all-time favorite: DENIAL.

How can you overcome bad stuff like that? Professional counseling has helped me tremendously. Attending Overeaters Anonymous has also helped me. Checking in daily with my Accountability Partner helps me.


Dinnerland said...

Thanks-- this was a great post and something for everyone (me included, insightful!!) to keep in mind during this lifelong journey.
It is so easy to 'hurtle' through life, as you said in a previous post, with your mouth open-- and subsequently NEVER being satisfied. It is so ironic, but a key to the answer.
I love the OA/ AA philosophies... I'm glad you're in that club as it seems to really help.

Nobody said...

You dared to admit 'out loud' self sabatoging thoughts and actions. I remember baking cookies and such when my kids were little - because I wanted to eat cookies basically! I totally remember this. years and years of stuffing down feelings under the guise of taste and oral satisfaction. I am trying to be aware Ms. Jean! Thanks for the insightful post.

Mary Pat F said...

Oh! So very true!
It is so very easy to overlook that worst saboteur of all....