Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time for a new wardrobe

Yesterday at work I was mildly uncomfortable for several hours before I realized that it was because the black dress pants I bought in September were falling off me, so that I had to keep hiking them up - such an attractive look in a public place like JC Penney. So I'm sad and glad to report that it's time for a new wardrobe. Sad because I'll have to spend money to get it, even at the Good Will Store. Glad because it's so much fun to shop for size 10 clothes!

I did get a good deal at JCP the other day, though. I found a pair of dressy white "city shorts" on the clearance rack for $1.97. They're size 10 and I got them because I figured I'd fit into them by next spring. When I got them home and tried them on, I was delighted to find that they fit me perfectly!

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