Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Eating

Today is November 7th. I survived Halloween and a minor incident with some evil candy corn, but the holiday season with all its social eating challenges looms on my horizon. Last year I had just started a new retail job, had little fill in my band, was struggling with untreated and undiagnosed fibromyalgia pain, lost my mother, and lost control of my eating during the holiday season. I responded to my unpredictable work schedule and my physical and emotional pain by using my old friend, Food. So I hurtled through potluck meals at work and church, and eating on the run, with my mouth open, cramming everything and anything I could grab into it. I couldn't seem to get or stay organized well enough to come up with an eating plan and stick with it, but planning is the #1 tool that helps me in social eating situations.

Thank goodness, I'm facing the 2010 holiday season with a well-filled band, medical issues under control, emotional issues that aren't as overwhelming, and greater mastery of my retail job now that in 2009. Here's my plan for the coming months:

1. I will not let myself get too hungry, especially before social events.
2. I will bring something healthy that I can eat to every potluck meal.
3. I will keep a supply of protein bars in my purse and my locker at work.
4. I will plan each day's meals in advance, commit them to my accountability partner every day,
and report to her the next day how that day's eating went.


Gina said...

My plan for the Holiday is to join Weight Watchers. I need that weekly weigh in and support. Hope to gain only fond memories of this holiday season.

Saoirse said...

I hadn't had encounters with social eating until recently, and noticed I was not out of control BUT slacked off on following the "rules of the tool" and thus noticed a 1-2 pound gain.

Jean's plan is helpful for me to read. I just started to meal plan for the day (instead of just grabbing from the frig whatever was available and looked good). I don't have a regular schedule and am often away from home at "meal time," so am planning how to keep food in a thermal cooler in the car.

my modifications:
1. keep to my meal schedule (4 ounces every 3 hours)
2. email Karen about her potluck recipe, so I can be prepared for the future
3. put a protein bar in my bag every morning
4. plan the day's meals in advance, taking into account the day's calendar
5. find a portable, insulated, small lunch box

Brenda C said...


This is exactly what I needed to read. I haven't been on in awhile. I found my old friend a few months ago and that nasty friend hasn't left my side since. I got back on OH and have been reading. It is where I learned the rules, had the support, and lost over l00 lbs. Thank you for your constant selfless effort to be the support we all needed and still need. I need that reinforcement. You are the best!